Trang chủ Legacy: Per company has its own concept of a “legacy

Legacy: Per company has its own concept of a “legacy

Legacy: Per company has its own concept of a “legacy

” It’s basically defined as a direct partner from an started affiliate, such as for example an aunt/aunt otherwise daughter/child. Certain sororities including recognize extended household members just like the legacies too.

Letters: The first Greek letter of every Greek term that makes up the fresh slogan regarding a certain fraternity or sorority; these include exhibited into the dresses or any other Greek paraphernalia.

Line: A term utilized by culturally-created and you will NPHC communities to name a small grouping of the newest players just who every joined inside same label, session, or pledge category. They are potential the new members of the firm. Outlines are often given brands.

Culturally-oriented communities and you may NPHC teams and assign a line matter in order to their brand new players (eg ace, deuce, tre, an such like.)

Little: Quick having “Nothing brother/sister” – a new member who is are mentored from the a mature representative of its organizationMulticultural Greek Council (MGC): An enthusiastic umbrella council that’s a blend away from culturally steeped and distinct Greek-letter Groups during the OSU, as well as not restricted to those individuals worried about brand new celebration out-of competition, ethnicity, nationality, job and you can top-notch invention and you will sexual direction. It is a student influenced council within Oregon State School. MGC strives for connecting all of our groups while the regional Corvallis and you may OSU neighborhood as a consequence of instructional, public, and you can services events.

National Dish-Hellenic Council (NPHC): Brand new ruling human anatomy of the nine typically Ebony fraternities and sororities, also known as the latest “Divine Nine.”

Federal Panhellenic Council (NPC): A national company comprised of 26 women’s fraternities and you may sororities, each one of that’s independent once the a single men dating service Los Angeles social, Greek-letter-area away from college girls.

Nationals: Fraternity and you can Sorority players tend to refer to their national/global headquarters or organizations as “Nationals” otherwise Hq. Such organizations are responsible for and make regulations for the individual organizations after all from universities and colleges in which its team recruits members. Neo or Neophyte: A fellow member of a cultural team otherwise an effective NPHC team.

North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC): A nationwide organization comprised of 69 fraternal teams (generally for males), each one of which is independent just like the a personal, Greek-letter-neighborhood away from college men.

Participant Educator: The latest liaison within the newest players as well as the chapter, he could be responsible for applying and you will overseeing the new affiliate system and you can preparing the latest users to own initiation.

New member Speech: Including called since the a great probate, is actually a speech one celebrates and allowed the new players throughout the Multicultural Greek people otherwise NPHC area.

Participant System: The timeframe where in actuality the new member discovers about their the brand new sorority and you may fraternity prior to initiation. Now figure continues regarding accepting a quote up to Initiation. Earlier named hope period (nonetheless named so it in certain fraternities).

“For the Lawn”: An expression utilized by culturally-created and you can historically black communities which means that good fraternity or sorority is chartered and able to hire the fresh new players towards campus.

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Open Recruitment: A specified recruitment months where each one of the men’s fraternal organizations throughout the IFC server employment occurrences during the her property. Such recruitment is known as “informal” since possible people need not realize a specified plan.

Order regarding Omega: This can be a nationwide Award Neighborhood for fraternity or sorority people who take care of a quality point average above the Most of the-Greek mediocre, features well known by themselves as frontrunners regarding the OSU Greek society, has exemplary character, and are generally both juniors otherwise older people.

Range term/number: The name made available to a prospective/new member one to represents him or her given that one, always good noun, adjective or acronym

Panhellenic Council: An enthusiastic umbrella council composed of the newest NPC ladies’ housed sororities. A student governed council from the Oregon State University which aims in order to give communication amongst the communities and you will links organizations towards local Corvallis and you will OSU people through academic, public, and you will solution events.